Hi, I'm Zach.

“My lifelong experience in the arts has sharpened my creativity skills to the next level, as well as prepared me for working both independently and in group environments.”

I am both a hyperrealism/surrealism artist and a media designer, currently residing in Hollidaysburg, PA.  I am studying Integrated Media Arts with a secondary in Fine Arts at Juniata College, located in Huntingdon, PA.  Working both digitally and physically has taught me to take every detail of every project into consideration.  I am a self-taught hyperrealism/surrealism artist that is currently working on expanding my personal portfolio, all while completing private commissions on the side.  My main goal for the drawings is to replicate textures and tones so realistically that the viewer has a difficult time deciding if it is a photo or not.  Digitally, I use my lifelong creative experience to produce original and aesthetically pleasing work for both external and internal clients, both in group and individual environments.  I plan on continuing with my fine art career once I graduate from Juniata College.