I do commissions.

From family members to pets to vehicles, I can and have drawn it all. There is nothing I can’t draw for you. I have even manipulated reference photos to create images that don’t actually exist. The possibilities are endless when it comes to my artwork.


**The waitlist is roughly 6 months long at the moment. If you contact me, you will be added onto the waitlist. It is first come first serve, unless additional payment for deadline has been assessed. Thank you.**

Private commission. 18"x24". Charcoal, graphite, & acrylic. 125 hours. 2021.

Two drawings for upcoming art book “Burbank House: Groundworks” sold internationally. 14"x20". Charcoal, graphite, & acrylic. 220 hours total. 2022

**The final images have to be partially blurred, for I am not allowed to share the final products in whole until the book is officially released. These are previews of what the final products look like.**

Juniata Commissions. Hung publicly on campus. 11"x14". Graphite, charcoal, & acrylic. Roughly 40 hours total. 2021.

Portrait Examples

Animal Examples

Misc. Examples